From:Brent Dugan
Subject:RE: Cheap Hummer stuff Date:Mon Jul 4 16:13:06 2016
Response to:21391
You wouldn't by any chance have anything interesting for
62BTH2281 would you?

If you are the owner of any of the following bikes,
48S2184, 48S3478, 48S3528,48S3560,48S3566, 48S3798,
48S4311, 48S4166, 48S5875, 49S1374, 49S3127, 49S3132,
49S2294, 49S3862, 49S3916, 49S4592, 49S4678, 50S1205

I have something that might be of interest to you and it
will be real cheap.

Jerry Wieland AMCA 3641

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