From:Joseph L Mast
Subject:RE: 1955 165ST Date:Mon Jul 4 22:57:54 2016
Response to:21352

We bought this bike a LONG time ago when we couldn't afford
it. (of course, we bought it anyway!) :) It was on a
guys's lawn and we saw it and looked at each other and said
WHAT THE ____ IS THAT?? We had never seen a baby Harley
before then.
I think it had a title when we bought it but it wasn't in
the paper work so we got a title for it a few years back in
case we sell it. It came with the owner's manual and has
what we think is the original windshield and it also has
crash bars, fender tips, and a tool box. It was running
years ago and it wouldn't take much to get it going - we
just haven't had the time and it's hard to find a place
that can work on old bikes. Maybe 10 years ago? we brought
it to a Harley place and they said they couldn't do any
work on it and they asked us if we were SURE it was a
Harley! DUH! Typical dealer. ;)
I've been a member of the club since 1987.

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