Subject:RE: Looking for a Harley Hummer project Date:Tue Jul 26 02:10:50 2016
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I hve a 53 Harley hummer. 165. my husband and I have had this bike for 26 years. we never started it. never tried. it is in beautiful original condition. including the leather seat is awesome. its been in our garage since we hve owned it. (except for the time we split up and I took it hostage until he gave me my dog back-lol)...we do not have a title though. anyhow it needs a home. I have researched it a little bit. its worth about 2500-4500 the way it sits. original condition. I used to have an ezgo golf cart and sold it a couple years ago... I miss it, is your golf cart in good shape? is it 2 or 3 wheel? . I ll send pictures of the hummer tomorrow . its dirty and like I said been in the garage ..text me if you are interested 816-682-3037. I'm iun Kansas city missouri

I'm looking for a Harley Hummer project. No motor/exhaust is fine. I have a 1998 Ezgo gas golf cart for possible trade. Located in SE Michigan. 49279. 517-260-5082

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