From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: 1953 Harley-davidson Hummer - Heath, Ohio $3,995 USD Date:Tue Aug 2 09:56:03 2016
Response to:21418
Here's the direct link to it.

Looks complete except for the wrong taillight - so it's a good candidate for restoration. The ad doesn't mention a title. Unknown engine condition. It'll need disassembly, paint, chrome, cad, parkerize, at the least, so whether the price is right is up to you.

There's only one left side photo, and it's way dark, so I lightened it up a little.

In the free car & truck for sale magazine in our area, there is a 1953 Hummer 165 for sale. I have nothing to do with this website or the seller but I thought I would list it in case somebody is interested. The web site is and the bike looks to be complete. The ad states that it is not running and they have not tried to start it.

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