From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: carb float stuck / no gas . Date:Thu Aug 4 00:40:23 2016
Response to:21422

First thing to do is to pull the gas line off the carburator and make sure the gas is flowing.

Many crappy reproduction petcocks come in three varieties: (1) those that leak externally; (2) those that leak internally - they never quite shut off, and (3) those that don't "pass gas".

If the gas is flowing, you can take off the float bowl by loosening three little screws on the right side of the carb and seeing if the float has gotten stuck.


my bike was rebuilt and ran fine . i drained the gas last year and ran the gas out of the carb . i just put a fresh gallon of gas /oil in and new harley plug , got a nice blue spark , but the plug is dry and seems like i am not getting gas . any help would be gratefull including tapping on the carb real light ........... is the float stuck . can i check the carb for gas , do i have to take the carb off and spin it up side down to loose the float ? the bike is a 1961 hummer super 10 teleglide

thanks , pat .

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