Subject:thanks Dave / carb problems / 1 ques. Date:Fri Aug 5 18:23:55 2016
Dave thanks much for the info , i do have gas to the carb . and will remove the float bowl as you suggested . if the float is stuck , i am assuming the needle valve is hung up and all i need to do is lightly push or pull on the float to loosen the needle valve and " o " ring on it . my question is when i remove the float bowl will a bunch of stuff, springs........ that i don't want to misplace pop out or is it like a lawn mower float , simple. i usually can take a lawnmower and turn it upside down for easy acces to the float , clean the dirt from bowls .... was going to remove the carb on the hummer but will take your advice . thanks ! and post any more suggestions you have please. i will wait to hear from you before i take the float off .


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