From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: thanks Dave / carb problems / 1 ques. Date:Fri Aug 5 21:52:49 2016
Response to:21426

Good - your petcock is OK. On to the float. Good news - there are no springs or other tricky things to befuddle you.

Remove the gas line from the carburator.

Remove the three screws which hold the float bowl cover to the carb body. Lift the cover straight up. Be careful with the gasket, it may be stuck on both sides - use a gasket scraper tool or single edge razor blade to work the gasket loose.

Flip the thing over. Remove the pin which holds the float to the cover. Remove the float, and remove the needle. Clean with Gumout Carb & Choke Cleaner, or Brake Cleaner. Use the little red straw to blast cleaner through the seat and out the the gas line attachment (backward of the normal flow).

Reattach needle, float and pin. Check the float level and adjust per the below diagram from the Service Manual (That's why you need to order Part# 99444-93 from your Harley dealer). Reassemble onto carb and reattach gas line.

I start my 1955 Hummer by closing the choke fully, opening the throttle 1/4 to 1/2. It fires on the second or third kick, but floods out immediately and dies. I move the choke to 1/2 open, kick once and it runs. After 1 minute, open choke fully, stow kickstand, and ride away.

All fixed? If so, let us know. If not, let us know.

Dave thanks much for the info , i do have gas to the carb . and will remove the float bowl as you suggested . if the float is stuck , i am assuming the needle valve is hung up and all i need to do is lightly push or pull on the float to loosen the needle valve and " o " ring on it . my question is when i remove the float bowl will a bunch of stuff, springs........ that i don't want to misplace pop out or is it like a lawn mower float , simple. i usually can take a lawnmower and turn it upside down for easy acces to the float , clean the dirt from bowls .... was going to remove the carb on the hummer but will take your advice . thanks ! and post any more suggestions you have please. i will wait to hear from you before i take the float off .


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