Subject:float on hummer / Dave Date:Fri Aug 5 22:42:48 2016
the bike was just rebuilt last year and the carb. the rebuilder ran it to make sure all was good then gave it back to my 91 yr old dad / who then with some help drained the gas and carb . question for you is assuming all is clean and just STUCK can i first try loosening the float still assembled ? i do own the service manual 1959 - 1966 for this bike and have read the carb part . from what you told me makes alot of sense , so it is time to start wrenching . should be easy it have it in my house - living room . in milwaukee thats how we live . the wife and t v are in the garage . watch the post for i might have a question for you . my dad belonged to the HUMMER club and because of decent folk like you and a couple others that have helped me i am going to join the membership yearly on dads behalf .


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