Subject:RE: carb , float have gas /not engine ? Date:Mon Aug 8 21:34:46 2016
Response to:21429
Pat, pull the plug, dribble some gas down into teh spark plug
hole, replace plug, and kick it a couple of kicks, should
fire up

well my recent update that is a carb is getting
complicated or is it ? i have gas to the carb of my hummer
1961 super 10 , took the float off and cleaned the bowl ,
reassembled checked for a blue spark all looked good . when i
kick the bike - choke closed / open /both / it seems i am not
getting gas to the engine . the spark plug is always dry .
take the float off again check for gas , bowl is filled with
clean gas but doesent seem to transfer to or out of the carb
to the engine ? any ideas ? this is a newly rebuild that ran
last year . yes the float and needle are free .move up /down
pretty good .i am ready to take the carb off but dont know
what good that would do since i am getting gas .dry plug
always !!!! no starting fluid did not help either . i would
appreciate any suggestions or e-mail -


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