From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: thanks for all the suggestions , still not firing Date:Mon Aug 8 23:33:56 2016
Response to:21434

Excuse me for being a pest. Let's go back in time...

This is a 195_ ??? Harley Hummer model B.

You had the motor rebuilt last year. Afterwards you rode the bike. It started and ran just fine. You parked it and didn't do anything until this summer. Now it won't start.

Is the above totally true?

although i have a blue spark it does not
seem to spark on every kick

Have you checked the points gap? Lightly filed the points with a points file? Replaced the spark plug with a brand new Champion H8C?

When you stick your finger in the spark plug hole and kick the bike over, does the compression try to blow your finger out of the spark plug hole, then suck it back in?


i was told to put a little gas down the spark plug into the cylinder , which i did , not even a pop . hate to start tearing stuff apart but let me see the response on this one although i have a blue spark it does not seem to spark on every kick .... thinking i might have weak coil . is it the one under the gas tank ? anyway can i put a fluke meter on dc current stick one red probe in the spark plug boot the other to ground and kick it over for a reading ? what kind of number should i be looking for if any at all .

thanks , pat

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