From:Brent Duagn
Subject:RE: making progress 61 hummer super 10 Date:Tue Aug 9 23:07:54 2016
Response to:21439
You're not hogging the space. This is why we're here.
Keep posting.

my mechanic and a few of you brought up the only test to
take . a compression . since the gas is drawn in to the
intake by suction { no accelarator pump } if the suction is
low it will not get gas to pump thru the carb . some one
mentioned putting a plastic bag over intake , right ! only
i will use an auto cylinder pressure gauge screwed into the
cylinder , i am told anything less than 110 lbs won't pull
gas to the engine . when i asked how a new engine only
three 3yrs old with 20 miles on it has low psi he said the
ring froze / rusted to the piston .and i am loosing
compression. that happened from not turning the engine over
. well thats it i got work to do . sorry about hogging up
all the space , will stay off for awhile ., will be looking
for comments ..........what cylinder psi should i have ?


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