From:Davie Hennessey
Subject:RE: Bike without title Date:Thu Aug 18 01:20:24 2016
Response to:21456
Read this two-part article I wrote on this subject

Illinois does offer a Bonded Certificate of Title, which is designed for your exact situation.

Your insurance agent, or a bonding company (Google: Illinois surety bond) can provide a surety bond for a fee of about $100. (Note: you posting a cash bond would be idiotic).

You have to satisfy Illinois' other requirements for documentation. But then you get a title and tags, and can drive your Hummer around.

I'm looking at buying a Hummer but it has no title. Apparently these were sold without a title back in the day - just a bill of sale. Anyway what are the problems I might encounter if I buy a bike without a title?

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