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All good information.
But.... in IL. from the State Site.
"NOTE: A bond cannot be used to obtain titles on
abandoned vehicles, repossessions, mechanics liens or
estates, or to remove a lienholder.
2. A written appraisal of the current wholesale value of
the vehicle from a licensed new or used vehicle dealer"

"A. Surety Bond A properly completed bond form in the
amount of one and one-half (1-1/2) times the appraised
value. The required Power of Attorney form must be
attached by the issuing insurance company."

In IL. it's All about State FEES.
How much can they make you pay? Thus the Professional
Appraisal that's needed with the Bond.

I'm no lawyer, just know what has worked for me in the
past in IL.
I think the last time I used the guys in NH the total
cost was $200. All in all done.

They give you a Bill-of-Sale showing the Cost and you pay
taxes on that amount in IL.
NO Professional Appraisal Needed.
NO 1 1/2 times the wholesale valve Held by the State for
3 Years. Crazy.
NO Power of Attorney needed.

They also give you a Letter from the State of NH stating
that the State of NH does Not Issue Titles on motorcycles
this old.

You take those 2 Items and Go to a Currency Exchange.
Pay the Taxes and fees, and you get the Plate.
It's worked for me 4 times in the past.

DO NOT GO to the IL. DMV.

That's my experience. That's my advise.
Now I'll go back under my rock.
Good Luck

Read this two-part article I wrote on this subject

Illinois does offer a Bonded Certificate of Title, which
is designed for your exact situation.

Your insurance agent, or a bonding company (Google:
Illinois surety bond) can provide a surety bond for a fee
of about $100. (Note: you posting a cash bond would be

You have to satisfy Illinois' other requirements for
documentation. But then you get a title and tags, and can
drive your Hummer around.

I'm looking at buying a Hummer but it has no title.
Apparently these were sold without a title back in the
day - just a bill of sale. Anyway what are the problems
I might encounter if I buy a bike without a title?

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