From:Bruce Mackenzie
Subject:RE: Bike without title Date:Thu Aug 18 09:35:34 2016
Response to:21456
Brien I just got another title and plates this April in
TOTAL---Thats A IL. title,-- IL.Plates,-- IL. tax ($25.00
based on the year NOT the appraised value) Bond (Minimum
cost bonding co. offers $100) and a $25 fee to my local
title service to do Paper work including the bond.
TOTAL $311.00
Yes I had to have Appraisal from my local Harley dealer
witch they were happy to do from a pictures i had, no
A picture of the bike $00.32 Wal Mart.
A VIN verification form filled out by A local cop, no
A bill of sale from seller, no cost.
In order to have the required insurance in have to
have a bike that is registered in IL.
P.S. by the way my appraised value was $3000.00 and could
have been over $10,000.00 with no extra cost of bond.
If i can be of help to anyone in IL. give me a call 815-

I'm looking at buying a Hummer but it has no title.
Apparently these were sold without a title back in the
day - just a bill of sale. Anyway what are the problems
I might encounter if I buy a bike without a title?

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