From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Bike without title Date:Thu Aug 18 11:58:42 2016
Response to:21465
Since Illinois will accept the New Hampshire registration, that looks like a good option for Jim.

Let's make sure we understand the Surety Bond concept. A bonding company (usually an insurance company) "gives" the bond amount to the State on your behalf. After three years, the state gives the bond amount back to the insurance company. The insurance company charges you a small fee for posting the bond for you. Bruce McKenzie mentioned that he got a surety bond in Illinois recently for a $100 fee.

Some of the bonded title states will also allow you personally to post a cash bond, but it would be really stupid to do so - you'd be giving the state a huge interest-free loan! Note that the insurance company doesn't really give the state a pile of cash - they give the state a promise (and a small fee).

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