From:Bill Barry
Subject:RE: RE: Throttle hand grip Date:Tue Sep 6 10:02:14 2016
Response to:21491
Thanks Dave for the reply. After a couple of years using it like that I wondered if I had missed something in my repair.


It is NOT a modern motorcycle! Welcome to the technology of the 1960s. And the lack of Government regulations!

I rode my 1955 Hummer more than 100 miles today. It was a joy to be able to rest my right hand for awhile when I was on a long straight patch. On a modern motorcycle, you can NEVER rest your right hand. Why would you want one of those springy things? Oh yeah, it's a safety device ;-)

1960 - Elvis was still alive. And vehicles did exactly what you told them to...


P.S. Cruise-control, 1960 version

The throttle on my right hand grip is not spring loaded like a modern motorcycle. When you turn the grip down it simply stays in place. It is a 1960 Super 10. Is this the way it is supposed to be? Thanks for any information or suggestions. Bill

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