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I haven't replaced mine in a donkey's age. So try the usual suspects:

* Mutt's email is:
* sells them
* Jim Godwin (Jim's Harley, Mendon OH) 419-795-4185
* Duane Taylor -

These magnetos were made by Bendix-Scintilla. Scintilla was a Swiss company that was bought by Bendix in the late 1920s. B-S made magnetos primarily for aircraft and industrial engines. They also made magnetos for small engines, like outboard motors, roto-tiller-like things, and our beloved Harley Hummer, Super-10, Pacer, Scat, Ranger and Bobcat.

If you search the Internet, you will find some sources for replacement magneto coils on vintage outboard motor websites, etc. I've never found anyone selling the ones for the 1955-1956 Hummer and 1962 Ranger - these did not use an external coil, as the spark plug wire comes right out of the magneto.

Until today. Check this out - on page 29

His website, doesn't mention Bendix, but that document does. I don't know if his BX01 is the right one for us, but someone could check it out. He apparently can have any of the coils rewound if you supply a dead one.


hello hummer pals , i need a set of ignition points for my 1961 hummer super 10 teleglide . i need the whole set that comes with the fiberboard and cotton felt .. for lube.there are alot out there for sale , so please lead me in the right direction . mutt you sent me an e- mail but i lost it . you m
entioned that you have points for sale . dave h . you know as well as anyone , please contact me with info . my number is . 414-769-0812 or e-mail .anyones comments and advice is welcome ! as always thanks

pat. ( miwaukee }

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