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The upper and lower coils (58 on) have the same gauge wire
and the same number of turns. only the one terminal end is
different. The coils I am having wound use the original
cores. Bill rewound a coil for me probably 10 years ago. It
was for a magneto for a generator model 125 165. Good

Mutt - yes, the coils were probably made in a variety of
configurations for different equipment.

What struck me about Bill Lopoulos's was
the rewinding. I know nothing about him, just found his
website today.

Since there were 3 different coils used on the Hummer-series,
it seemed like having an original rewound might be a better
bet than buying a new one.

The coil in the armature of the Bosch FF4 magneto in my
Henderson died recently, and I installed a (Jack Hurt in
Calif, highly recommended by the Hen community) rewound
armature. Happy to report the Hen is running great now.
Maybe Jack can rewind Hummer-series coils too.

Be very careful when ya buy one of the outboard motor coils.
The wires come out the wrong end almost all of the time. And
the location that the spark plug wire solders to, sometimes
ends up on the front or in the way of the magneto frame
itself. I have a well known magneto guy that is supposed to
be making me new coils (upper and lower for the 58 and later
models) He told me he should have something in April (2016)
I'm still waiting on him..............

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