Subject:RE: RE: RE: 1960 Super 10 Date:Thu Oct 6 06:22:56 2016
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Yes let me know how it runs

The carb looks identical. I'm putting it on the bike this weekend and putting it
through its paces. I'll let you know how it goes.

How does you bike run with new carb?
Does this carb look identical?

I rebuilt my Super 10 about a year ago and have been enjoying it. One issue I have
had is the carburetor. Seems to always be out of adjustment. Carburetor was
completely gone through but I still wasn't happy with the results. I researched
online for the Tillotson MT carburetor rebuild kits / extra parts etc. with limited
success. From what I understand the Super 10 has 2 thru holes on the main jet
and other models vary from that. I found a good alternative to a rebuilt 56 year old
MT82A Tillotson carb. It comes with 2 thru holes and is completely new. The float
is even set up identical to the Tillotosn. These guys make this carb for a Cushman
but check it out... I'm totally stoked to have a new carb on my 1960 Super 10.

Thought I'd share this since I've received so much help from this site. Hope my
input is helpful. I'm going to keep my original Tillotson MT82A for nostalgic
reasons just in-case.

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