From:Jim Moore
Subject:RE: For Sale: Restored 1959 125B Harley Hummer Date:Thu Oct 6 13:30:00 2016
Response to:21401
Do you still have it?XDCY

We have a restored 1959 125B Harley Hummer for sale. We live in Muscatine ,Iowa, just below Davenport. We restored it several years ago, and it has been sitting, covered, for at least 4 years. The serial number is 1180. The piece that the headlight is mounted on , says Tele Glide. The speedometer was restored by Tom VanBeek, but the last time we rode it, the needle just bounced. The carburetor has issues. We bought a decal kit and put them on, but they have disintegrated. There is no title. I have lots of pictures I can email to anyone who is interested. We are asking $4000.00 563-299-2088

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