From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Amp Meter on my 48S model Date:Fri Oct 14 13:06:10 2016
Response to:21560

The ammeter was a Harley accessory. The part number 74450-49 shows that it came out in 1949. So in 1949, you could have bought one and put it on your 1948.

It's a very cool, and somewhat rare accessory. You don't see many, because (a) not everyone paid $8.00 (1951 price) to get one; and (b) the voltage regulators wore out, were replaced with the larger 1955 and later regulator, and the bracket wouldn't fit the larger regulator. There were two brackets 74455-49 and 74455-55.

The AMCA disregards factory accessories during judging.

There's lots of regulator information over at:

My 1948 S model has an Amp Meter setting on top of the voltage regulator. I can't find that meter in any pics I have seen of 48's. Is it actually supposed to be there? The bike was already restored when I bought it.

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