From:Duane Taylor
Subject:RE: RE: Speedometer Cable Date:Fri Oct 28 11:53:07 2016
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The "Plug" on the wheel end of the speedometer cable is held in place by the drive gear bushing screw (PN67110-49)
If you have removed that screw, then B-Y-Bob's info is the correct procedure. If you have not removed that screw, the cable plug will not come out without destroying the front
brake side plate, ( PN4144-51 )

Duane Taylor

Heat yes...and 'Blaster' (NAPA auto). Wrap a cloth around
it and wiggle it with channel lock pliers.

I have a 1960 Super 10. Everything works great on the bike
except for the speedo. I had the speedo restored and I've
tested it. It works. The problem, I believe, is in the
wheel. Problem is I can't get the darn plug at the end of
the speedo cable to come out. It's stuck in there. It
comes out about an 1/8 of an inch maybe and then won't
budge. Any ideas? I've tried some lube around the hole
but that didn't do it. Should I apply some heat? Should I
emery cloth the plug before re-installing next time? BTW I
can remove the inner speedo cable... I'm thinking either a
gear broke or the cable broke at the end.

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