Subject:RE: RE: Not getting gas to the carb on my 48 Date:Sun Oct 30 06:32:03 2016
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I have the original brass petcock. It doesn't seem to be clogged. I can run a weed eater wire up thru it, all the way to the top of the filter. It seems to me that gas is not getting thru the filter, for some reason. I tried leaving the gas cap just setting on the tank and riding it. That didn't help, so it can't be a vent problem.

Which petcock do you have? The original 1948-1949 petcock was an all-brass unit. These were wonderful - you could take them apart, and if they leaked, you could lap them back into shape with valve grinding compound.

In 1950 (probably mid-year), they changed to the "flipper-style" petcock. This petcock is problematic. You can NOT take them apart. If your gas tank got rusty, the rust would end up in the petcock, and the petcock would run slow, or not "pass gas" at all. After years, the rust would be impossible to get out.

Also, the internal seals in these units would start leaking over 50 years. Some just don't shut off all the way, some leak out the flippers.

Several companies reproduced these petcocks, and used rubber seals that would not hold up to the ethanol in gasoline these days. Some swell and won't "pass gas", some don't shut off.

I'm betting you have the "flipper" style on your bike.

Do you have the original gas cap? Is the vent working? If the vent is plugged, or you have a different un-vented gas cap, air can't get in, so gas won't come out!

Leave the gas cap loose, and drive it around the block, and see what happens!

Let us know...

Not getting gas from the petcock to the carb. Took the petcock out. Filter seemed to be clean. Blew air thru it. Didn't seem restricted. Put it back it. It took about 10 minutes to fill the carb. Started it and rode it about 2 blocks. It went dead. I touched the tickler. No gas in the carb. Took it about 10-15 minutes to fill the carb. It doesn't make sense. Any way I might could put a new filter on the petcock?

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