From:Gen underwood
Subject:RE: Not getting gas to the carb on my 48 Date:Sun Oct 30 09:12:28 2016
Response to:21585

On one of my bikes. Had same problem. The peacock....I could blow thru
the reserve tube, not thru the ref tube. So I took the longer tube piece off of
the inside of the petcock and put it on the other side, and now it works fine.
Not getting gas from the petcock to the carb. Took the petcock out. Filter
seemed to be clean. Blew air thru it. Didn't seem restricted. Put it back it. It
took about 10 minutes to fill the carb. Started it and rode it about 2 blocks.
It went dead. I touched the tickler. No gas in the carb. Took it about 10-15
minutes to fill the carb. It doesn't make sense. Any way I might could put a
new filter on the petcock?

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