From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Not getting gas to the carb on my 48 Date:Mon Oct 31 09:17:19 2016
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Before you take the petcock off again...

The float bowl in the carburator also has a vent. If that vent is clogged, the float bowl will air-lock, and the gas will fill it very slowly.

Hook a rubber hose to the petcock, and drain a tank of gas out of the tank and into a gas can. If the gas drains freely, it's not the filter!

When the bike runs out of gas, and you press and hold the tickler for a minute, does it fill with gas?

Have you disassembled the float bowl in the carb and made sure there's no crud in there? Heck, check the metal gas line too!

Sorry, but I haven't played with one of the 125/165 L&L carbs in awhile, since my 1955 Hummer has the Tillotson. I can't remember where the L&L vents.

--- related stuff ---

The original petcock filters were metal screen, soldered in place. I've never been successful at un/re-soldering them. So I'd try scrubbing it with a soft brass cleaning brush and using gentle (5 - 10 psi) air pressure into the outlet. (Full blast air pressure might blow the screen apart!)

If it's clogged with rust (very likely), you might try soaking the filter in a phosphoric acid solution to dissolve the rust. Then scrub-a-dub.

--- semi-related stuff ---

I love these particular brass brushes - the little tuft makes it easy to get at small places. At $1 each, they're a good deal***, so I got a dozen.

*** You gotta watch out for Amazon. They list these same brushes in ten different places at ten different prices - ranging from $6.95 for a 6-pack to 6.95 for a 1-pack. The crafty devils exploit terminally lazy shoppers.

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