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Thanks for the input guys. I was able to get the plug out. Turns out the gears
were installed wrong. Gear drive was destroyed. I have new parts on order. I'll be
pulling wheel apart to replace the speedo gears and reinstall the cable and gear
drive. Pic attached... pretty munched!


The "Plug" on the wheel end of the speedometer cable is held in place by the drive
gear bushing screw (PN67110-49)
If you have removed that screw, then B-Y-Bob's info is the correct procedure. If
you have not removed that screw, the cable plug will not come out without
destroying the front
brake side plate, ( PN4144-51 )

Duane Taylor

Heat yes...and 'Blaster' (NAPA auto). Wrap a cloth around
it and wiggle it with channel lock pliers.

I have a 1960 Super 10. Everything works great on the bike
except for the speedo. I had the speedo restored and I've
tested it. It works. The problem, I believe, is in the
wheel. Problem is I can't get the darn plug at the end of
the speedo cable to come out. It's stuck in there. It
comes out about an 1/8 of an inch maybe and then won't
budge. Any ideas? I've tried some lube around the hole
but that didn't do it. Should I apply some heat? Should I
emery cloth the plug before re-installing next time? BTW I
can remove the inner speedo cable... I'm thinking either a
gear broke or the cable broke at the end.

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