From:Frank Welsh Jr
Subject:RE: Engine racing at idle Date:Tue Nov 1 17:37:58 2016
Response to:21574
I would check for a vacuum leak where the carb attaches to the head & also visually inspect the carbs throttle to insure it closing to the idle stop acrew.

Hey everyone, I am working on a 53 Hummer 165cc and having a strange issue after getting it running again (it sat in the garage for a few years after a full restoration). The engine revs too high at idle. It runs normally when I start it up, but as soon as I give it a little gas it sounds like the throttle is wide open. It also does this when I pull the clutch to switch gears (even with throttle closed). We have cleaned the throttle body, greased the cable way inside the handlebars, and can't find any sign of it sticking.

When I put it in gear and let the clutch out, no problems. When it's back at idle, the only way to get it to stop racing is to close the choke almost all the way, then it will idle at the correct speed.

Hoping there's a simple answer that I just haven't thought of. Thanks for reading, any help is appreciated.

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