From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: 2 Cycle oil Date:Mon Nov 14 12:55:38 2016
Response to:21602
Some of the original Harley cans say SAE 40 on them. I suspect it was non-detergent oil.

Any modern 2-cycle oil is fine. I buy a quart of Valvoline or Penzoil, and mix up a couple of gallons at a time.

The ratio is 25:1, or 5.2 ounces in one gallon of gas.

A lot of stores sell little bottles of 2.6 ounces for weed whackers and chain saws. These are handy - you can put one in your pocket if you suspect you may need to refill while on the road. Just remember that 2.6 ounces goes in ONE-HALF gallon of gas at 25:1

If you ever get stuck out on the road, 10W-40 or something like that work. The first multi-viscosity oil was Phillips 66 Trop-Arctic, introduced in 1954.

There's been some discussion about TCW3 or not. Most 2-cycle oil these days is TCW3, whether it says so on the bottle or not. The manufacturer has to pay a fee to the NNMA? for certification and the right to mark the bottles as TCW3. The big manufacturers do. But the off-brands (who probably buy the oil from one of the biggies anyway) don't bother.

For Hummers ridden in typical Sunny Sunday service, the oil really doesn't matter much. It does in SeaDoos and things like that which have very high-revving engines, and are typically run full-throttle for hours.

What 2 cycle oil is best for a Hummer ? Not in my manual.Thanks

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