Subject:RE: Clutch difference Date:Sat Nov 19 09:43:57 2016
Response to:21612
Joep, the flat plate with no outside keepers is 48 only, also
has 4 center holes. the second plate came along in 1949 and
there is a third plate, which has double keepers along the
outside edges, that came out around 1953 if I remember right


In the middle of restoring a clutch (actually the whole
engine) but I noticed this

my machine is 1951 and the top plates came from that one
the botton plates are from a 1948 engine

there is a difference in the Clutch thrust and release plate

Guess the ones I took of my machine are the correct ones for
1951 ? (and No idea why the 1948 thrust plate has 4 holes ?)

Also the clutch springs are different, the one on the right
with both ends flat is from 51 and the other one which is only
flat on the bottom is from 48

Just curious to know if they actually changed it over time


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