Subject:RE: Stan Waite Date:Thu Dec 8 09:13:59 2016
Response to:21653
Alan, Stan needs to "man-up" and talk to his customer. He
doesn't have to air his laundry out here on the website, he
can call/email Fears directly.

What do ya think it's gonna do for his business? people here
are seeing that after he takes the mans money, he hides. Do
ya really think the people that see this, plan to send him ANY

These days, I'd like all the business I can get. I'm always
happy to talk to folks, customers or not. Free advice always.
People come here for help, not to get scammed.

Fears, I'll make it right for Stan, since he refuses to do the
right thing. And keep the Hummer Club from getting a bad name.
You pay the shipping and whatever part(s) are needed and I'll
fix your motor for free and you don't even have to buy the
parts from me !!!

Merry Christ mas,


Just want to say thanks to Stan Waite.

The engine you rebuilt for me aprox 12 years ago still runs

The magneto rotor that you re-charged for me many years ago,
still throws a hot spark!

The custom made head nuts you custom machined for me to fit a
Webco head still work great!

Ill never forget needing a hard to find part, and Stan came

Thanks Stan!

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