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Hello Adam,
My Harley-Davidson DATA BOOK shows 1963 had the Hi-Fi
Purple and White Paint Option for the Sportster Models at
additional cost from the Factory.

And Hi-Fi Purple and Birch White Tank Panels for the Big
Twins in 1963.

Yours' looks like Hi-Fi Purple and White.

Hi-Fi Purple and White WAS a Paint Option in 1962 for
Lightweights with extra cost from the Factory.

1961 Not Offered.
1960 Not Offered.

1963 Model BTH Sold for $495. and 877 units manufactured.

Have Fun

New to this model but couldn't pass it up. Pretty ROUGH.
About 95% complete. Can't find any documentation for this
model in purple. Also looking for a downloadable user
manual. Engine turns but needs to be rebuilt. The project

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