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Subject:RE: Homemade Air Cleaner Date:Wed Jan 4 13:32:59 2017
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Love the ingenuity. Glad to here you are keeping it true to your brother.

My older brother bought his 1956 Hummer in October 1964. Unfortunately,
he was killed in a car accident in 1965. In the short time Bill had his
Hummer, he made some interesting parts for a teenage owner with no
money. The first is a homemade air cleaner. As the pictures show, here is
Bill’s “On the Cheap” Hummer Air Cleaner. For younger readers, this is a
highly modified shoe polish can that was filled with my mother’s stainless
steel pot scrubber which had been oiled to collect dirt. The holes in the lid
were made by driving a screw driver through it.

I am going to use this on my restore Hummer.

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