From:Joep van der Steen
Subject:check missing parts hubs Date:Sun Jan 8 06:59:45 2017
Just finsihed spoking up the rims and checking what parts i'm missing for the assembly of the hubs

So enclosed image s what I have (1951 machine)

top is the front hub, so got the axle, bearing grease retainer, grease retainer felt(needs to be replaced) bearing lock nut, bearing spacer, needle bearing

So just missing the bearing inner race ? (speedometer drive gear is on the hub.

bottom is the rear hub, so got the axle, ball bearing (closed on downfacing side), ball bearing, bearing lock nut

So seem to be missing : grease retainer felt, is the ball bearing supposed to be needle bearing, inner race, seal washer set and another grease retainer felt plus a Grease retainer ?

Followed the pictures (2C-23 and 2C-24 in the service ,anual I have here. Specially not clear what to use for the rear hub


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