From:Steve Sartore
Subject:1959 Hummer power delivery problems Date:Wed Jan 11 17:38:13 2017
My Hummer is very sluggish and won't get much over 30mph downhill (180 lb. rider).
Replaced: fuel hoses, petcock, gas cap, float bowl gasket, spark plug
Cleaned: gas tank, carb, jets, float, et al

Problem: idles fine but does not deliver crisp power response when throttle is twisted. Especially bad when in gear. Very, very sluggish. Runs much better when partially choked.

Questions: which screw on the Tillotson M43B does what? I'm assuming I have a mixture problem (air/fuel) but I'm really not experienced enough to know if it isn't something else.
What are standard start-out settings for the screws? I can see 3 that can be adjusted besides the throttle butterfly stop screw.

If I can't figure it out my next option is to take it to a small engine mechanic that specializes in two stroke motors/carbs. Don't really want to do that just because I'm stubborn ;)

Thanks in advance.

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