From:Jerry Curtis
Subject:1963 Pacer BTU Date:Sat Jan 14 13:33:47 2017
Hello Hummer fans, I am in process of taking inventory of my '63 Pacer BTU that I have owned for the past 53 years. It's had an interesting life.
I took it for a ride, then put the bike in 'safe' storage on the family farm in 1979. When I brought it to Kentucky in 2012 I discovered it had been seriously abused by my late nephew. The engine was seized, on disassembly I determined the bike had been submerged in muddy water and put back in the barn. Literally 'rode hard and put away wet'.
To date I have had the engine and ignition completely rebuilt with NOS parts, and am ready to begin on the chassis. I will be needing a few missing pieces and am hopeful to find as many original parts as possible. According to the Hummer Club production charts, this may be the only '63 Pacer BTU in existence. How glad I am that I saw this chart before having the engine rebuilt. I would have ported the throttle restriction had I not.
Looking forward to learning more of the Hummer history
and dealing the Club's members. Thanks for all the work in establishing this site.
Jerry Curtis Madisonville, KY

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