Subject:60 Super 10 for sale Date:Sat Jan 21 11:13:06 2017
I have a 1960 super ten for sale. I bought it as a basket case. It still is but in a different basket(s). Mutt rebuilt the engine for me. It has the original tank, headlight, speedo and hubs and so forth. Repro seat, and repro muffler (black). Original tail light. Stainless steel spokes. Rims have a few holes in them but passable until replacements can be found.

I have a replacement jiffy stand, rubber pegs, and grips. New Harness. My biggest problem is sandblasting the fenders and getting the frame powder coated and why I haven't pursued the project. Pretty much it's all there just needs the fenders blasted for painting. Tank is already ready for paint. Solid foot pegs need to be welded. The old one removed.

It might need hand levers. It has no horn. I think it needs a brake arm. I say this because I can't recall if I got the new one or not. The bars were chrome but heavily pitted so I ended up sanding them down and painting them black. They look like crud. They might need to be replaced as the screw for the throttle had to be drilled out during removal.

I am accepting offers. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Joe I am located in NH.

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