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Take a look at this article - particularly Part II - about how to get a title. There are easy states and difficult states - which kind do you live in?

I am looking at a 1962 Scatt for sale with no title. I have the VIN. Is there a data base for the VIN to check the history?

thanks! that was a big help. I bought the bike. The 1962 Scat was a Christmas present and my 1st bike in a legacy of over 50 years of motorcycle riding. This one will be my last bike. Fitting. I plan to restore it as close as possible to the original. My last project was a ground up 1956 ford pickup back to original. This one will be much more fun.

Two more question (among many I am sure). I have all the parts catalogs and the service manual.

1. It must have an ignition switch although I don't see where it went. I will need all new wiring harness and switches.
2. I don't see how the forks were retained within the tubes. Mine just fell out when the boots were disconnected.

Thanks for the help. This will be a great resource for me.

Any Hummer swap meets?

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