Subject:RE: Unusual Seat Rail From 1953 Model 165 Date:Wed Feb 15 15:05:12 2017
Response to:21807
That rail should be part# 91575-49A For 1949- 1957 Harley
Panheads and 49-52 WL

Unusual Seat Rail. (See Post Below for More Photos)

I can not find any information about this rail. It is not
the same as a Harley buddy seat rail, it is smaller. It is
also not the same as the ones that were used on the
Sportster seats.
It came with a 1953 165 that I bought to part out.

It is shown with the seat pan from the same bike. (Not

Approx. Measurements - 15 1/4" Width, 3 1/2" Tall (As
Mounted) - 8 1/4" & 9 1/4" Original Holes

The bracket looks as though it was homemade based on the
holes. But I guess that could be a replacement for a broken
or lost original one?

I have posted here and on other Hummer / Lightweight sites,
and still have not found out any info. I don't know if it
is Harley or Aftermarket, or from another bike. I know it
fits with the original seat well and it is COOL.
$150.00 plus shipping. PayPal or USPS Money Order.

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