Subject:RE: RE: Unusual Seat Rail From 1953 Model 165 Date:Wed Feb 15 16:07:49 2017
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I also found part number 52625-59 which is for a
Sportster Buddy Seat, and one seller claims that it is
also for 53-65 Hummer. But if you look at the photo,
this rail is more "squared" and also narrower.

Maybe its aftermarket, or off of another brand bike? But
it definitely is not one of those two.

That rail should be part# 91575-49A For 1949- 1957 Harley
Panheads and 49-52 WL

Unusual Seat Rail. (See Post Below for More Photos)

I can not find any information about this rail. It is not
the same as a Harley buddy seat rail, it is smaller. It
also not the same as the ones that were used on the
Sportster seats.
It came with a 1953 165 that I bought to part out.

It is shown with the seat pan from the same bike. (Not

Approx. Measurements - 15 1/4" Width, 3 1/2" Tall (As
Mounted) - 8 1/4" & 9 1/4" Original Holes

The bracket looks as though it was homemade based on the
holes. But I guess that could be a replacement for a
or lost original one?

I have posted here and on other Hummer / Lightweight
and still have not found out any info. I don't know if it
is Harley or Aftermarket, or from another bike. I know it
fits with the original seat well and it is COOL.
$150.00 plus shipping. PayPal or USPS Money Order.

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