From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Anyone from HHC going to Eustis, FL Date:Fri Mar 10 07:57:29 2017
Response to:21834

The Hummer Club tent is at the AMCA meet in New Smyrna Beach - Silver Sands Bridle Club property. Special treat - Webmonster Brent is down in sunny Florida this year.

The AMCA meet USED to be at the fairgrounds in Eustis. Then the fairgrounds were going to close, supposedly to sell the land to a developer.

So the AMCA moved to Silver Sands Bridle Club in New Smyrna Beach.

Then the fairgrounds decided not to close, but the AMCA had already gone. Somebody got the bright idea to have a competing swap meet, and they rented the fairgrounds in Eustis for the same dates!

But the Hummer Club is at the AMCA meet in New Smyrna Beach.

Hello.. I'm a newbie and looking for experienced help with my 1957 ST165 basket case/5 gallon bucket motorcycle. I'm thinking of driving 2 hours to Eustis Bike Show tomorrow. Thanks in advance.

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