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I had to laugh at "The 1963 Parts Catalog lists the
64202-61 as fitting 62-* BT, BTU. (* means 1963 in this
case) This is not correct, as it could not possibly fit
on the 1963 Pacer swingarm."
I've seen a number of 1948 owners show up at AMCA Meets
with their front fenders on backwards....because that's
what the HD book showed. In protecting their assets and
position I've always wondered if they showed lack of
attention to detail for their customers on purpose.
The 1956-1965 parts catalog also doesn't show the
electrical connector for the Scat, Pacer, Bobcat
taillight....or the rubber boot.


I dug out the toolbox (and my set of tools) today. I'll
try to take photos tomorrow, and post them.

The 1963 Parts Catalog lists the 64202-61 as fitting 62-*
BT, BTU. (* means 1963 in this case) This is not correct,
as it could not possibly fit on the 1963 Pacer swingarm.

The 1966 book says it fits: 62 BT, BTU

The books show a longer bolt and a spacer for top toolbox
mount for both 61 and 62.

The 61 and 62 Pacers used the same frame and fender. Just
a guess, but perhaps the mounting hole was relocated on
the 62 fender? The 64202-61 toolbox has two top mounting
holes - so I'm guessing it is a "universal replacement" -
it would actually "fit" all the way back to 1948?

Interestingly, over on the fenders page, it shows a nut
and bolt about where the toolbox top mount would be, but
these are 1/4", where the toolbox page shows #10. The
holes in the toolbox are #10. I have no idea what this
bolt/nut would be for.


RE 61-62 Tool box. I have many (useless/rusted) original
tool boxes but have never seen a 64202-61. When I
reproduced the tool box I did not know there was a
variant and would like to see one or good pictures of the
"dent" and extra hole.
Of interest (at least to me):
The original tool box lid (at the open end ) did not fit
well, binding on the box on closure. The problem and fix
was obvious but HD never changed it for reasons unknown

Duane Taylor

I just happen to have a NOS one around here somewhere. I
can dig it out and take a photo if desired.

Mutt is correct - there's an extra hole on the back. If
I remember correctly, there's a little "dent" in the
back, so the extra hole is at an angle. Not 100% sure,

The 1955-1959 Hummers, and 1960-62 bikes did not have the
toolbox mounting bracket on the frame, so a little U-
shaped bracket is required to slip over the frame. Not
sure if these were included with the toolbox or sold



Also the 61-62 BT models have a special tool box. It as 2
holes in the back for mounting, instead of one on all the
other models, due to the 16" wheels. Very hard to find in
any condition

Tools boxes were an accessory on 55-62 B BT BTH BTF

Just curious if the '62 Pacer came with a toolbox like
165's, if a toolbox was an option, or if the Pacer had
something else (like a tool roll).

I have looked at a lot of pictures and have not been able
tell from what I found.

Thanks for any assistance

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