From:Eric James
Subject:RE: RE: 59 hummer Date:Sun Apr 2 20:47:31 2017
Response to:21880
so these bars were an option for a 59? Ive looked at alot of pictures of 59's and I have not seen any with the rubber mount bars.

The rubber mount bars are a factory option/accessory. They are perfectly fine on there unless you dislike them. The throttle has no "return spring", it is manual on and off, not like a modern bike.

Can someone please post a picture of thier carb? I purchased a 59 hummer and it does not have a throttle return spring installed. Also from what I have read these are the incorrect handle bars? The 59 should have the low profile bars. Can someone clarify please. Also this does not have a horn. I'm trying to get this back to original thank you.

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