Subject:RE: RE: 59 hummer Date:Tue Apr 4 22:00:52 2017
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Nice looking bike.
The horn you need is a Yoder, bulb type 2 note horn. Yoder made several
different versions of that horn with some having a single note reed, some
with 6 jewels, a tricycle version which is much smaller and some plastic
play horns for kids. I have several of these versions in my collection.
There were some much larger ones used on boats and a
vacuum type "wolf" whistle for use in cars/trucks..

The correct ones are scarce indeed. I do have a couple left that are
rechromed, rebulbed and have the 2 note reed. If interested or have
question, e-mail.

Duane Taylor

Can someone please post a picture of thier carb? I purchased a 59
hummer and it does not have a throttle return spring installed. Also from
what I have read these are the incorrect handle bars? The 59 should have
the low profile bars. Can someone clarify please. Also this does not have a
horn. I'm trying to get this back to original thank you.

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