From:Brent Dugan
Subject:RE: John Parham Date:Mon Apr 24 22:29:00 2017
Response to:21945
Motorcycle people are different...and we're different
because we want to share a laugh, memories, a beer?
Just as long as we go home feeling like we...well, were
part of something that meant something. Joe, John...yes,
all part of it. Like Dave said, we all have to soldier on.
We need to tell more stories and drink more beers so that
others will miss us too. I raise my glass to the passed and
to the living. Enjoy the road, gas up and.........

While I didn't know Joe I still feel bad for his
family and friends.  Dave is right, we've lost way too many
bike buddies.  I just learned today that John Parham of J &
P Cycles in Iowa has passed away too.  If you knew John
you'd miss him but if you didn't know him you missed a real
motorcycle gentleman.  He always had time to give you a
cheer.  Denny Waddell

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