From:Michael Joseph Nicolette
Subject:RE: R.I.P. Date:Mon Apr 24 23:35:22 2017
Response to:21941
Joe, among everything else that he was, was a loving dad,
grandfather, and friend. He made a tremendous impact on
everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him, he was
patient, understanding, and willing to give the shirt off
his back if you needed it. He will be sorely missed and
if he has made an impact on someone here, or if you just
have a story about joe i would love to hear about it. my
number is 864-567-7280. He really had such a passion for
his bikes and I am slowly but surely going to try and
restore some of the ones he didnt have a chance to and
learn to respect them along the way. Im sure you all will
be seeing more of me as time passes and i hope to get to
know the community that he loved so much. I really was a
lucky son to be able to call my dad my best friend AND
father, i hope i can be as good a man as he was. He sure
set the bar high!

Sincerely, -Mike

Sorry to post this, we lost Joe Nicolette last night,
he just couldn't fight it any longer.
Joe helped me with the Hummer Tent at the AMCA Sunshine
meet in Florida for 6yrs,he will be missed

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