From:Brent Dugan
Subject:RE: Vic Northey Date:Tue Apr 25 21:59:42 2017
Response to:21950
Yep, Vic was a character...and, yes Dave, 'Hook a Hummer'
was at the Harmony Meet (Colonial Chapter at the Harmony
Fairgrounds in NJ). Vic always had the inside, rear, left
space under the wooden pavilion. I remember people being
tempted to 'take a chance' at a $50 'toss' of a horseshoe
to 'hook' into a pile of assorted frames and other parts.
He never explained if you were going to get a part or a
whole basket case. Most everybody laughed him off with a
smile (including me). Back then you could get a decent
frame for around $20 (those were the days). I think Vic
did it more for the theatrics and fun of messing with
peoples heads :-)
"Walking to the beat of a different drummer"? Most
definitely....and he had his good days and bad days...but
he's etched in my mind as a part of my past experiences
as much as everyone else is. When you no longer see those
you've come to expect to see, then don't, is when the
reality sets in. I'm going to be shaking a lot more
hands, with a whole new meaning, at this years Perkiomen
Pepper. You knew Joe better than most. When the time is
right please share some memories. If you don't want to
post on the Exchange please choose a few email addresses
and hit the keyboard.
I'm going to combine your's and Dave's sayings regarding
life...and repeat it to anyone who cares to listen:
"Soldier on, and keep on moving".
God Bless.


NAME: Rob White
DATE: Tue Apr 25 17:37:34 2017
SUBJECT: 45" Flathead Vic

I just thought some of you would like to know Vick Northy
"Flat is where it's at" passed away. Not sure of his age
but I personally knew him since the early 80's. He lived
in NJ and did most of the swap meets with his 45" parts.
- Rob

Vic Northey was Hummer Club Member #28 - he joined way
back in 1980. Back then he was seriously into Hummers -
some old timers might remember his "Hook A Hummer" game
at one of the swap meets (Harmony?) But most people will
remember Vic for his lifelong passion of Harley 45's.
Beneath that rather strange exterior was a really nice


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