From:Bud D
Subject:RE: RE: RE: 62 scatt ignition switch Date:Wed May 17 18:45:32 2017
Response to:21994
If you click on stuff and then on oddities,you will see an
ign. switch for the 62 scat as an accessory.It mounted under
the seat.

Finally! I never saw this button before and sure enough,
there it is. I am restoring this bike because it is the same
year and model as my first bike in Florida when I was 14. I
don't remember the button from then either but at 70 it goes
with the territory. That was the beginning of over 50 years
on a bike so far.
Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Doesn't have an ignition switch. It's got magneto ignition
so no battery. To kill the motor there's a button on the
right front side of the engine case in front of the round
cover that grounds out the ignition when you press it.

restoring a 1962 scatt. I can't find any reference to an
ignition switch or its location on the bike. also don't see
where it fits in on the wiring diagram.
anybody please

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