Subject:RE: Just bought a 165 ???? Date:Sun May 28 08:14:20 2017
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Yep, there is a way to tell. Turn the motor upside down ,
You will see a number on both case halves, like 162-xxxx
The first set of numbers is the year the cases were
The lower tree only needs to have a hole in it to mount the
front fender. If your tree doesn't have a 1/4" hole in the
middle of it, it's from a 1951 model 125.


Just bought a bike. It seems to be a Frankenstein of
sorts, but what is it really?
Serial number . . only one digit in the beginning to
identify year, not two. BT after the one digit, which is a
6. Is this a normal oddity?
Has a hardtail frame, with a Scat rear fender. No front
fender . . but weird thing is no mounting place on fork for
Scat front fender.
It has a 19" rear wheel, but 18 front. I'm guessing the
rear was changed at some point.
It is the larger engine, but without taking it apart, 165
or 175?? Again, without the year, no way to tell right?

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