Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Just bought a 165 ???? Date:Mon May 29 09:00:15 2017
Response to:22014
Yes, there is. Look on the lower left side of the steering
head (neck), you will see a 1/4" tall single letter and
number stamped there, like B 1 which would indicate the
frame being made in February 1961. The high mounts for the
Scat fender are just 4 half circle clamps that wrap around
the fork tubes and the end of the fender struts bolt to them.


So next, the frame. It appears the fork is correct as the
fender mount is not threaded, so it is later.But is there
anything I can verify that the frame is '61, or at least
correct for the '61?

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