Subject:RE: rework handle bars Date:Tue Jun 6 19:13:20 2017
Response to:22047
Jim, I fix those many times a year. The slot is 3/16" wide
(so it matches the 3/16" pin inside the next stem). TIG up
one side of the slot, then hand grind or file it straight
again, Go to the opposite side and do it again. Continue til
all 4 sides are straight and the slot is 3/16" Use the solid
end of a 3/16" drill bit for a guide.


Anyone have any suggestions how to rework the handlebars. As
you can see from the photo, the slots are in bad shape where
they feed into the stem. Looks like somebody might have
built them up with weldment in the past. Anyone got the
dimensions? Cheers, Jim

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